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Tapping the Username in the Menu Should Go to The User Page
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When a user is logged in, tapping on the username in the left hand menu should go to their user page. As a bonus, they might make contributions to their own page which might be sufficient encouragement for them to take the next step which is contributing on other pages.

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I'm not sure this request is nearly as simple as it seems.

First reason: A lot of user pages display extremely badly on mobile. We'd be exposing users to that. On the other hand, such users may then try to fix their user pages to display better. On the other other hand, most users won't really know how to do that.

Second reason: What do you do if the user hasn't got a user page? Page creation isn't currently supported in the app, so you'd have to build out a workflow for that as well. Suddenly this task is more work.

This is definitely worth doing in the long run, but for now I don't think the reward is proportionate to the effort required in design and implementation.

Another email request for better support of user pages

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