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[Mobile] Footer isn't organized properly.
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Words get mixed.

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@vshchepakina // I'm working on the design to show how footer should be responsive. Will be sending that soon @HuiZSF!

Yeah, I will add new rule for the columns, when in Mobile screen size, the width will be 100%
So then help, contact, legal and mail list will be arranged from top to bottom

Awesome, even better @HuiZSF, thanks!

Is it possible we could also center everything only for mobile view? And have the Join Mailing List / social icons be at the top of the list?

mobile-footer.jpg (1×640 px, 139 KB)

Yes. I think we can reach it.
Will find time to update soon.

Updated CSS. Now it looks better on mobile screen! :D

HuiZSF set Security to None.

@HuiZSF, the spacing is a little off. The contact is too close to the previous set of list items. There should be a bit more space before the "Help" title. Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot 2015-06-05 13.58.42.png (749×392 px, 56 KB)

cc @MNguyen