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Add namespace selector to Special:Mostlinked
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Recently the French-language Wikipédia community has felt the need to get a list
of the top 200 linked templates. A SQL query has been performed on the
toolserver by pgk. BrokenArrow has told us he had performed the same query for
the Italian community recently.

We have been discussing about implementing new special pages to include this
feature directly into MediaWiki. For the moment, [[Special:Mostlinked]] only
deals with pages from the main namespace. Could it be possible to have similar
pages (for instance Special:Mostlinkedtemplates, Special:Mostlinkedimages,

We were also wondering if these special pages should be admin-eyes only (like
Special:Unwatchedpages) . Actually, the reason why the French community wanted
to get the list was to check that the most linked templates were semi-protected
(to avoid large-scale vandalism). If the lists are available to all users,
vandals would know where they should start vandalizing. This is especially true
for templates and images, I guess it isn't the case for categories.

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ayg wrote:

[[Special:Mostlinked]] has links for pages in all namespaces, including
templates. [[Special:Mostlinkedimages]] and [[Special:Mostimages]] (that's
presumably a typo . . .) exist. What you presumably want to be able to do is
search Special:Mostlinked by namespace.

Yes, probably; dunno what's easier :)

robchur wrote:

Namespace filtering in query pages largely conflicts with the query cache for
these things, hence the low to nonexistent rate of implementation. Until the
implementation details for these can be worked out, it's quite possible that
this, and other similar requests, will remain stale.