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Make services manageable by systemd
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We have several services relying on Ubuntu upstart which should be manageable via systemd so we can eventually migrate them to Debian/Jessie.

This is a tracking bug for the upstart -> systemd migration.


@MoritzMuehlenhoff has done an initial work for T95055: Convert ircecho init script to a systemd unit

From T95003 @Joe pointed to our puppet define base::service_unit which maybe a good template to add systemd to nodepool:

An example for nodepool running in interactive mode:

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+ @MoritzMuehlenhoff from ops who have experience with systemd!

Also note that there is base::service_unit define in ops/puppet which lets you pick the init script based on the current distro, which could ease transition.

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one takeaway from T124197: Port Ganglia aggregator setup to systemd is how to handle multiple instances of the same service, like ganglia aggregator. Using systemd instances seems to work well via base::service_unit, one other thing it would be nice to have for operator comfort is being able to manipulate all instances at once when e.g. puppet is disabled.

one way I think to achieve this is to provide a dummy service e.g. SERVICE-instances only for dependency management purposes



and in turn the templated instance unit file would be PartOf=SERVICE-instances and WantedBy=SERVICE-instances. Note that the SERVICE-instances won't be started at boot, it is there just as a convenience as each instance is already ensure=>running and enabled to start at boot by puppet

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Most services have or are being migrated to Jessie and they are ported to systemd/base::service_unit in the process. I dont think this task services any purpose, I filled it so we could eventually ask questions.