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Finalize the team name (was: Community Liaison / CEP)
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This is related to T97198 about updating the old brochure: A new version can't be printed until the names of the team and the department have been finalized.

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I vote "Community Liaison" as a blanket name.

It has issues, it's not easy to translate particularly since it's a French word adapted to English usage. Best fit, though, for English.

I vote "Community Liaison" as a blanket name.


Why do we need to change the team name? We are community liaisons in a community engagement :)

The official team name is "Community Engagement (Product)", which means that we are the Community Engagement part of the Product Department. There is no longer any Product Department, and there is a new Community Engagement department.

"Product (Community Engagement)" it is, then :P

A bit of perspective (and my nitpickiness, though I don't intend to bikeshed).

  1. I wonder how much change we can decide on without HR and C-Level approval and all the other checks and balances organizationally. A change affects the name of the team budget, and other HR and Ops items. I'll check into it.
  2. As a blanket name, the word Liaison itself works, though I dislike "Liaison" in the singular in reference to the team (works better for an individual job title). "Community Liaison/s Team" doesn't look right, is all :)

Glad this tiny strife is public. All (sincere) ideas welcome.

Ah! So like Keegan mentioned, we would be "Product" team inside the community engagement department...hoping that there is no rereorg of the community engagement dept we are now in :)

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What is missing to resolve this task? We have Community-Relations-Support, also talks about "Community Liaison" and probably every single new mention I have seen since the WMF Engineering reorg refers to this team as "Community Liaison". and probably other wiki page would need updating, but these are consequences of this decision, not blockers (right?).

PS: just trying to help our neighbors reducing their backlog. ;)

I prefer Community LiaisonS.


If I could join the bikeshed, I'd call you guys "product liaisons" (and, as a group, the "product liaisons team" or something similar), because that clarifies how you're different from community advocates—you deal with (software) product issues specifically, and operate on the same level as product managers and product analysts.

Just a thought!

I just worked on translating a community liaison job announce into Spanish, and I spent a little while puzzling about how one might translate "Community Engagement (Product)".

Maybe we can just go ahead and standardize on "Community Liaison team"? I agree with Rachel that it sounds awkward (although the translation sounds much better in Spanish :), but it's widely used and there don't seem to be any better options.

I think we can standardize the team name as "Community Liaisons" everywhere, deprecating "Community Engagement (Product)" officially.

There have been suggestions to clarify the name (Product Liaisons, Tech Liaisons...). I suggest to focus first on the strategy and annual plan of the team. This will clarify the vision, mission, and long term plan of this team, and should help finding a better name if needed.

Agreed. I think it's just best to shut this one down for now - if it comes up again, we can revisit/re-open/reconsider.

If we agree that "Community Liaisons" must deprecate "Community Engagement (Product)", then there is some renaming work that needs to be done. Reopening in order to track that work.

If we track the on-wiki renaming work here (T97432#1947759 sounds like) then I just updated meta:CE(P) accordingly and wonder whether to

  1. move to (non-existing)
  2. redirect to (I don't have permissions for such actions on meta)
  3. update the redirect target of
  4. update the redirect target of
  5. rename the cat to

After that I'd say we're cool (because I personally feel like checking and correcting "liaison" vs "liaisons" is overkill).

If we agree that "Community Liaisons" must deprecate "Community Engagement (Product)", then there is some renaming work that needs to be done. Reopening in order to track that work.


I have moved the pages and created the redirects now.

Thank you! Closing for good, then. If anybody finds a deprecated them, just fix it please.