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Internal links weirdly mangled in VisualEditor
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In , it looks like the user's goal was to remove a few notes in parentheses, but somehow they removed the closing ]] of a nearby link as well, causing the opening [[ not to be balanced any more, and thus causing nowikis.

The only explanation I can find at the moment (other than this being a bug) is that the user, for whatever reason, removed the linked text, then re-inserted it manually with the opening brackets but not the closing ones. And they would have had to re-insert that through copy-paste, otherwise the link dialog would have opened when they typed [[.

This is far-fetched, so I'm opening this ticket to see if this could have been a bug.

I'm also going to link to , in which another internal link was mangled, albeit slightly differently: The resulting wikitext was [foo[]]. This could have been done manually as well, but it also appears unlikely.

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This shouldn't be possible at all – [[ and ]] aren't exposed in VE, so the user can't break them. Possibly a Parsoid issue, though I can't understand how?

As for, I had written up this whole theory about DSR being wrong which caused selser to corrupt that link .. but when I tried to verify that theory, it turns out the reason is much simpler. That whole table that had the edit is wrapped as a single DOM block, which means the user had to edit a template parameter (with 100s of params) and it is likely this is user error when attempting to edit one of those params. Try

I haven't checked the other diff, but worth checking for the same thing.

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@ssastry: You're right (in both cases). I had forgotten that VE exposed wikitext in the template editor. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(As a side note: Wow. That is one seriously nasty template.)