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Switch settings icon from cog to sliders to be consistent with VisualEditor?
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A side effect of UI standardisation we noticed that the settings icon changed in mobile. The white version of the settings icon can be turned on via the icon 'settings-invert'

Should we switch over to using this icon?

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@Jdlrobson the sliders icon is not designed by anyone. VE should change it to cog or if we say we want sliders, we should design a good slider icon. in any case, i don't think consistency is an issue here between mobile web reading to desktop editing. i mean, it is an issue but we have bigger inconsistency issues like buttons with different sizes on same screen :)

let's close this?

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This is an old bug and can be closed per If6847ef446eac6be3d2390d1a341977e4ae80ca9 (T133156). This was another case where VisualEditor's icons overrode ours.