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$fullurl in @rc has been disfigured
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[02:40] <T13|sleeps> !pingpetan
[02:40] * wm-bot pings petan as it was told. Master! Master! T13|sleeps requests your attention!
[02:40] <T13|sleeps> $fullurl in rc has been disfigured.
[02:41] <T13|sleeps>
[02:41] <T13|sleeps> Instead of
[02:41] <T13|sleeps>
[02:42] <T13|sleeps> !newbug
[02:42] * wm-bot thinks you should report your bug to -->

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(Sun Dec 23 18:16:33 2018) <petan> @configure recent-changes-template=$fullurl
(Sun Dec 23 18:16:33 2018) <wm-bot2> Value $fullurl was stored into recent-changes-template in the config
(Sun Dec 23 18:16:36 2018) <petan> @RC+ W*
(Sun Dec 23 18:16:36 2018) <wm-bot2> Inserted new item to feed of changes
(Sun Dec 23 18:16:45 2018) <wm-bot2>

works to me