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Math: \def as shortcut for \stackrel{def}{=}
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The notation using \equiv is somewhat ambigious, and few have notice that they
can use \stackrel to create a =^def style notation. to ease their brain, a
shortcut notation (\def) shold be made (see patch for patch)

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the patch


dto wrote:

Is this legitimate notation? Outside of Wikipedia, I've seen ":=" and "\equiv"
but never "def" over "=".

j.niesen wrote:

It is used sometimes, though not very extensively. However, I don't think this
is a good idea. Firstly, \def already has a meaning in TeX (it defines a macro),
so it will be very confusing if it means something else on Wikipedia. Secondly,
I generally dislike the addition of nonstandard commands. Many people who edit
<math> formulas are familiar with (La)TeX and hence they won't be using any
nonstandard commands and will even have trouble understanding them.

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