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[Story] Behavior switch __EXPECT_UNCONNECTED_PAGE__
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As an editor I want to exclude certain pages from Special:UnconnectedPages on the client wiki in order to have a useful remaining backlog of pages that should be connected to a Wikidata Item via a sitelink.

Currently Special:UnconnectedPages lists a lot of pages that should not have a Wikidata Item, thereby making the page less useful as a maintenance report.

Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2019 April 5 doesn’t need a Wikidata item, but shows up on Special:UnconnectedPages (in top 1000 of Wikipedia namespace at the time of writing).

GIVEN a page that is not connected to any Wikidata Item
AND the page has a the magicword TBD in its wikitext
THEN that page does not show up on Special:UnconnectedPages

Acceptance criteria:

  • A switch magic word is created to exclude a page from Special:UnconnectedPages
  • The query behind Special:UnconnectedPages checks if the page is excluded

Open questions:

  • Is __EXPECT_UNCONNECTED_PAGE__ the best name for this magic word?

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This also prevent bots creating items for non-notable pages.

What about __DONOTCONNECT__?

I think it's better to have two magic words. My preferred name is __UNCONNECTEDOPTOUT__ and __NONNOTABLE__. The first for pages currently don't need an item (e.g. pages in Afd), the second for completely non-notable pages (and pages with the second magic word but linked should be automatically added to a category).

The names should not be associated with use in processes on any specific project, it should be concrete for client side technical use in Wikibase.

If anyone wants a "this page is in a deletion process on Wikipedia so don't do like so and so on Wikidata", then that should be implemented through some kind of low level primitives, but not by implicit encoding in the primitives themselves. If we encode high level signals in low level primitives then we start to tie Wikipedia into Wikibase, and I don't think that would be wise.

Imagine the problems that would arise from propagating different Wikipedias notability criteria to Wikidata through a single primitive. Not even the two Norwegian Wikipedias use the same notability criteria.

The behavior switch EXPECT_UNCONNECTED_PAGE would be a marker used by the SQL query for the special page UnconnectedPages, and would not imply any on-going process, or lack of any such process, on Wikidata. It is a purely client side behavior switch for the special page.

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It seems there's now a limit of 10500 results in Special:UnconnectedPages so this would be even more useful now, because the pages which shouldn't be connected prevent people from being able to list the ones which should (I checked the API and that has the same issue, but worse, because it doesn't seem to be possible to filter by namespace there).

For example, almost all the pages on are category redirects. I'm not going to check them all, but going by the page names, well over 80%, so there aren't that many which could be linked to make space for loading older categories.

Wap added a subscriber: Wap.May 5 2016, 5:49 AM

Any progress on this? What’s preventing us from implementing the switch since nearly 4 years?

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Basically dev time. I can bump this up now though. What would also help is a clearer definition of what we want. I'll add a template to the task description. <3 for anyone who helps flesh it out.

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