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Removing the options from the articles for deletion dialog
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At the moment, selecting "Mark for deletion" and then "Articles for deletion" brings up a list of radio buttons with one element - nominating for AfD. It's unlikely that there will ever be more than one option in this list, as the tab is called "Articles for deletion".

The radio button part should be removed, leaving only the existing form (i.e. the explanation, text area, and buttons).

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ext.pageTriage.views.toolbar/delete.js has a method, buildTagHTML, that is used to create the interface. The button is created with '<td class="mwe-delete-checkbox-cell">' + checkbox + '</td>' +. There are no issues with functionality if that radio button is removed in this case.

hey! @APerson Can You Please provide me the necessary links for the extensions/files related to this task?

@Sahilgrewalhere yeah, the line DannyS712 was talking about seems to be here: so to solve this task we'd need to not create that radio button if there's only a single item in the view, which I don't know how to check

Change 671445 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sahilgrewalhere; owner: Sahilgrewalhere):
[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Removing the options from the articles for deletion dialog

Hi @Enterprisey as the last PR on this issue was a long time ago, should I can proceed to work on this issue?

I don't think that radio button is hurting anything. May not be worth the effort and additional complexity of hiding it.

I'm still not in favor of this one. There is a system that is used on every tagging submenu in PageTriage. Coding exceptions to it would add complexity to the code that could make it harder to work on in the future. The radio button is not hurting anything. I may decline this ticket in the future.

sounds good, let's just close it

sounds good, let's just close it

Is it possible to close/abandon the associated patch as well?

In Gerrit, I think we can only mark our own patches as abandoned. I'll leave a comment so it's not accidentally merged.

Change 671445 abandoned by Aklapper:

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Hiding the radio button from the articles for deletion dialog