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Enable FlaggedRevs extension on kk.wikipedia
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Please enable FlaggedRevs extension on KazWiki. Discussion and configuration here.


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[ Set to low priority, as we don't currently deploy Flagged Revisions in a timely fashion. ]

@Arystanbek Flagged Revisions is a very complex extension with a lot of options.

Could you explain what you're trying to achieve on this wiki, how you would like it configured?

You'll find some documentation at

Discussion and configuration here.

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After talking this through with colleagues, our answer is that we are not accepting new wikis to enable Flagged Revisions, given the very significant problems that Flagged Revisions poses in terms of engaging new users, adding complexity and confusion to the existing too-hard-to-understand interface, and badly impacting the quantity, quality and depth of the wikis on which it has been used.

Sorry for the slowness of the response.

Should we decline this? (T66726 is an exception though)

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AbuseFilter gives particularly good results to detect a specific edit pattern (e.g. death announcement, long term vandalism with edits always the same way, etc.)

Discussion and configuration here.

You must translate the interface of Flaggedrevs first, I guess.

Actually, FlaggedRevs is a really good thing. You can't do everything with the filters. FR is not only for vandalism, It is useful for other purposes.

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