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Apple Watch Integration
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May 1 2015, 3:28 PM
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Integrate the apple watch into the iOS App.

The prototype is complete. Some things to solve before scheduling:

  • can we do a better search? prefix search is very limiting. (At the hackathon was a natural language search demo, maybe that is good). It would be good to be able to “ask a question” instead of searching for text like google.
  • After some time with the prototype, the amount of text still seems too short to get a good explanation. I find myself sending to device 50% of the time. Lets try longer (200+ characters)

First pass at integrating with the Apple watch. Some ideas to prototype:

  • Show screen with option to ”Search”
    • Show search results list of possible matches with title and wikidata description and snippet
    • Read later -> Saved pages
    • Open on device -> Handoff
    • Save searches to recent searches

Other things to do, but not in MVP:

  • “Nearby”: list nearby items (gps) with title and distance
  • “Nearby” glance

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Agree with @KLans_WMF, but understand that we might learn a lot by hacking something together as a way to learn what's possible on Apple Watch.

Just waiting on wires.

@Vibhabamba moved to design questions to signify it isn’t ready to start.

Also, FYI - this will probably not be started until end of this week or early next week - so no rush.

Need to update this since we basically built it at the hackathon. I think we should just ship it

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Design Notes for any further iteration:

  1. Currently buttons jump which is distracting. needs to be fixed.
  2. Double check if we really need the 'Open on phone' button

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Is anybody thinking of converting this task in a quarterly goal, or are there any plans to actually ship it some day? Assigning a priority to this task would be welcome too.

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Not a quarterly priority for Q2 of 15-16. Tagged with hackathon, as this seems like an ideal project to push forward in that venue.

Tagged with hackathon, as this seems like an ideal project to push forward in that venue.

@Fjalapeno: Do you plan to work on this at the Hackathon (as this is assigned to you)?

The prototype is complete.

Where is the code?

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