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KSmith would like to be a Project Creator
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As a ScrumMaster(ish), I would like the ability to quickly create Sprint projects for teams. I swear not to abuse that power to create other types of projects inappropriately.

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Done -- see T706#1252809

fwiw people only need to ask there with a comment; no need to create new tasks.

Qgil set Security to None.

but it's closed/resolved.... it won't show up in searches (by default)

I don't see a link to that ticket on or or

it's only linked at (which isn't the default page anymore when clicking on a project. ho hum)

Good point. wiki page updated.

Not perfect, but seeing how the approvals have gone until now it is not too bad either. :)

Thanks Qgil! And also to greg, for inspiring the doc improvement that will help folks in the future.