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User-agent sniffing should treat Windows 10 'Edge' browser as distinct from MSIE
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The jquery.client module currently treats Windows 10's new 'Edge' browser (aka Project Spartan) as MSIE 12; this causes some trouble with versionless UA-sniffing code that assumes MSIE will never improve.

Microsoft has actually gone to some trouble to make Edge's UA string detect as a WebKit or Gecko-based browser to avoid those sorts of old hack checks, but our conflation is bringing them back in MediaWiki JS code -- for example T97901.

It may be wise to have the module treat Edge as a separate browser, reporting it as 'edge' or 'msedge' rather than 'msie', so any other old code checking for 'msie' doesn't explode on Edge.

Any further issues we find where Edge is broken should be reported to Microsoft; their dev team is much more open and responsive than they used to be. (Note that David Storey formerly of Opera is on the Edge team now, he's contacted us about a few issues and has been very responsive.)

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Change 208494 had a related patch set uploaded (by Brion VIBBER):
Detect Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 as distinct from MSIE

Note that previously Microsoft had been intending to work an Edge-engine mode into IE on Windows 10 -- it's still there in the current preview builds depending on how you configure -- but they've decided against that and will be keeping the Edge engine in the new 'Edge' app and the old Trident engine in the 'Internet Explorer' app.

This keeps them nice and separate so we can continue to hate on IE if we want. ;)

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Detect Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 as distinct from MSIE

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I believe this is resolved with the jquery-client v2 update; closing out.