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Community Bonding evaluation for "Allowing contributors to update their own details in tech metrics"
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Detailed plan agreed with mentors: T60585: Allow contributors to update their own details in tech metrics directly
Phabricator project created:
Meetings with mentors started: Every Tuesday on 11:30 UTC/12:30 CET on hangout and every working day on IRC
Bonding period report published: here

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@Sarvesh.onlyme, we would need to start working on the list of bullets found in the description.

It would be also good to start having a first mockup of the app, but this should be probably done in the detailed plan with mentors.

@Sarvesh.onlyme Are you working on this? Have you had any meetings so far? Have you requested a Phabricator project?

@Sarvesh.onlyme, please remember that you need to work on the report bonding period. The deadline for this is on the 25th of May, in 5 days.

@NiharikaKohil regarding to your question, we already had a couple of IRC meetings. With respect to this, @Sarvesh.onlyme, I expected to find you yesterday at some point at the IRC to have a new meeting, but didn't see you. Is it possible to have a hang out session this week at some point?

@Sarvesh.onlyme Bonding period report is due tomorrow. Please do not delay this further! And looks like your meetings are lagging behind too.

@niharikakohli report is done. And about the meeting me and dicortazar meet in IRC atleast 3 times a week and it'll be more frequent from now.

@Dicortazar, kindly evaluate this task and close/comment as appropriate.

@NiharikaKohli, sorry for missing this ping! u_u.