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Show whether there have been any unseen changes to the page when I'm looking at the talk page
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Here's a problem for me as an editor: I have thousands of pages on my watchlist, and when I'm finding out what's been happening, I often visit the talk page first, especially if I'm in a discussion.

This means that the talk-page discussion gets disconnected from the progress in the article. In particular, it means that I may continue discussing how to solve a problem after someone has already boldly and even brilliantly solved it.

When I visit a talk page in Flow as a logged-in editor, I want Flow to check whether there are any unseen changes in the article or project page (using the existing facility for that), and if there have been changes, to post a note at the top of that Flow page, maybe even including a link to the diff for all changes since the last time I read it. I would like this to happen in both feed and individual page views, but I'd settle for it only happening in individual page views.

This would improve integration of articles and talk page discussions (which has never been very good), and simultaneously save me time (and other people frustration), because my comments would change from "How about we talk about yet another idea" to "What you did last night looks good to me. Thanks, and congratulations on solving the problem!"

See also: T94918: Flow should either notify me or give live-updates, about new posts made in the topic I'm currently typing a reply in

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That's an interesting idea, we'll have to think about it.