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Display labels of deleted items
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I haven't discussed this with anyone else but working as an admin it is something that I have noticed over and over again.

In mediawiki the content of a page is easily identifiable using the title of said deleted page. This is not the case in Wikidata however as the title of the page is simply the items ID, eg. Q1234.

Upon deletion of an item it is impossible to know what that item was about unless you, as an admin, go and review the deleted revisions of said item.

It would be great if wikidata stored the labels of deleted items outside of the text body so that once deleted they could still be retreived by Mediawiki and used for redlinks etc.

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While I can see the point, I'm inclined to say that we shouldn't do this as the benefit is rather small but there are several points against this in my opinion:

  1. Most Items that are still linked from somewhere should be redirects, not deleted
  2. How would you then manage to fully remove a label (eg. in case of spam, vandalism, ...) without having to manually go through all languages? Not all set labels are obviously visible all the time (based on the user's language settings).
  3. Implementing this is probably going to take a significant amount of time, also we'll need to adopt label lookups etc. to this.
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As mentioned above, I don't think this is worth it.