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Disable IP address' edits on pt-wikinews
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Author: sladebnu

Hello. I'm Slade, a sysop at [[n:pt:]]. After a local consensus, we (the admins)
request the disable of IP adress' edits (pages' creation and normal edit). Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement



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That goes wildly against the Wikimedia Foundation's policy to date. You'll have to talk this over first before we'll touch that.

sladebnu wrote:

You mean:

  1. Our purpouses?
  2. Or the local votation with the consensus?

Thanks, Slade

lcarsdata wrote:

No, you need to go to the Wikimedia Foundation to do this as it goes against the
foundations policy as they say it stops it being completely free. Not that I
agree with allowing anon edits or anything.