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null edits on Flow posts are registered in history
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The edit from 13:56, 5 May 2015 didn't change anything, but it's registered in history. I just opened a post for editing, didn't do anything and clicked the save button.

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Amire, you should give another link. This one is broken because another flow bug.

I get all the time database error page.

@IKhitron, if you're still getting that error, please post the text or a screenshot.

@Amire80, for now, null edits are needed to work around the fact that Flow does not automatically update posts when templates, etc. change. See T59991: Changes in templates are not immediately reflected in Flow posts which transclude those templates

However, we should revisit this after that's fixed. Possibly, in the mean time, we could only record null edits if the resulting HTML changed, if it's not already doing that.

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

* Function: Flow\Data\Storage\RevisionStorage::findInternal
* Error: 1054 Unknown column 'topic_root_id' in 'where clause' (

Can you also post the URL, and what username you were logged in with? A screenshot might also be helpful.

Seems to be another case of T91916: Database error on Flow history page. I'm not sure why it's only happening for you.

I can give you a tip: tryed now in MF, IE and GC. There is a problem only in the first one.

@IKhitron, did you try with the URL ? I think that will fail in any browser. I think the reason it works for certain users/browsers is that they're logged out, or logged in to an account with the default limit. I expect that URL (setting an explicit limit) will fail for everyone.

Let's take further conversion about the exception to T91916: Database error on Flow history page, since the null edit issue is unrelated.