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prototype Data and developer hub with Blueprint skin
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This lets us move forward on T301: Define the look&feel of the Developer Hub, in T301#1237839 Qgil commented

After a couple of random conversations about this project, it is clear to me that potential readers and casual reviewers are conditioned by the look&feel even before they read the title of the page.

I'll assess T93613: Deploy Blueprint on as optional and experimental skin, but most likely I'll copy all the pages and templates onto a labs machine like

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Prototype is at!
I customized $wgBlueprintLeftNav from hardcoded LivingStyleguide contents.
As I feared, it's a PITA to reconstitute all of's features (notes at Duplicating but it was easier than pushing T93613: Deploy Blueprint on as optional and experimental skin and T98897: Deploy SkinPerNamespace extension on

Hey S,
now coming back to this email after a day of intense work with all stuff
From your list from your talk page, is there anything not in Phabricator
yet with umbrella task T93613: Deploy Blueprint on

Thanks and have a great weekend,