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[Bug] add Talossan (tzl) to Wikidata
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It should be possible to add statements using the monolingual text datatype in Talossan (tzl) on Wikidata. For this it needs to be available in ULS.

Amir said that should be the case once is deployed. It is live on but the language is not available in ULS.


Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase : masterAdd Talossan (tzl) to Wikidata

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The Talossan language is also not added to the Names.php file.
This bug will probably be solved and this request will be completed if the language is added to that file.
The line that needs to be added is:

	'tzl' => 'Talossan',	# Talossan

I am not sure how to add this line myself, so maybe somebody else can add this line for me.

Is this fixed?

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Hi, I'd like to add tzl to monolingual text according to the process I described on Help:Monolingual text languages. For that, could you please add a statement that would use tzl, use mis as language code, qualify using language (P2439) with Q1063911 as value and add a reference?

I added 4 statements which use mis instead of tzl, I qualified them using language (P2439) with Talossan (Q1063911) as value and I added references.


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I'm sorry, but why do we need to support a language that was initially created for some 14-year-old's bedroom micronation? I fail to see how supporting this language will improve Wikimedia projects in general, or Wikidata in specific, in any meaningful way. Enabling this language doesn't further the Wikimedia mission at all, so I am opposed.

It does have a valid ISO-639-3 code. No problem here. I do not know how it
may become meaningful. It is an open question for several languages.


Change 319320 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jonas Kress (WMDE)):
Add Talossan (tzl) to Wikidata

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Change 319320 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add Talossan (tzl) to Wikidata

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