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Publish the WMF Call to Action 2015 in Phabricator
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Let's volunteer publishing the WMF Call to Action 2015 in Phabricator, in order to track related tasks and progress.

This is the text to convert in tasks (source):

Improve technology & execution

  • Define our commitments – deliver on-time and on-budget.
  • Make our decisions based on data.
  • Improve our process for community input and allocate dedicated technical resources to community requests.
  • Update legacy architectures and deliver mobile-ready infrastructure and services to support structured data, user security, and a simplified user experience.

Focus on knowledge & community

  • Integrate across community engagement functions to improve communication and results.
  • Create a central, multilingual hub for community support.
  • Have a working plan to support emerging users and communities.
  • Improve our measures of community health and content quality, and fund effective community and content initiatives.

Support innovation & new knowledge

  • Integrate, consolidate, and pause or stop stalled initiatives.
  • Create spaces for future community-led innovations and new knowledge creation.
  • Facilitate and support new models and structures for knowledge curation.
  • Strengthen partnerships with organizations that use or contribute free content, or are aligned with the WMF in the free-knowledge movement.