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No Search on Mobile Client on Blackberry
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On my ancient Blackberry Torch the format of the mobile page recently changed. A link to a sidebar menu now covers the search bar. In order to search now I must go into the desktop version then magnify it then enter my search and navigate to the desired page and then go back into the mobile version so that I can read it. Please either restore access to the search bar or add a link to a search page to the sidebar menu that reveals when the link over the old search bar is clicked.

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@Lifeofthemind: Which model of the Blackberry Torch do you have? Once we know we can get an emulator and figure out what's going on and how we can best deal with it.

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This is a duplicate of T98498. Let's continue the discussion over there.

@Lifeofthemind: I'm able to replicate this bug on Android 2.x as well.