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Random Image extension doesn't work for shared repository
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Author: webmaster

Before I say anything else, I wanted to thank Rob Church for making such an
awesome extension!
You came through for me (us). ( See Bug 4586 )

I was attempting to use this extension again, but for the Spanish version of my
site, but since it uses a shared image repository (from the English site), the
extension doesn't work.

It would be great if it did... :-)

Thanks again!


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Created attachment 5072
Implement random image from imagelinks

This patch implements a random image feature by using the imagelinks table. As it's not incredibly efficient, I've disabled it by default. Also, I'm not sure how Title::makeTitleSafe() handles a Title for a non-local image.


The maintainer's user page ( ) states "I am not currently involved in developing the MediaWiki software or extensions." so this might be a WONTFIX.

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