Firefox: ve-ce-chimera gets displayed sometimes in blank Flow boxes
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Found in betalabs.

Start a new topic in FF37 with VE open by default. In VE CE area the following image is displayed

<span class="ve-ce-branchNode-slug ve-ce-branchNode-inlineSlug"><img src="" style="width: 0px; height: 0px;" class="ve-ce-chimera"></span>

If you click again in VE CE - the image disappears.

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It's expected that that image is there, but not that it's visible.

CCing David who masterminded chimeras.

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Can't reproduce, anyone else?

Tricky to reproduce - the issue shows up sporadically. Hmm...(sorry). Most often it happened the Mention box - all kinds of manifestation.

There was also: Error: Offset could not be translated to a DOM element and offset: 0

'Error: Offset could not ...' shows up when

  1. Reply to a post with a comment
  2. Click on Mention icon - and then click to the place where the box points to. The red outline becomes thin(?).
  3. Double click - the Error is displayed.
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