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upgrade salt in labs
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Upgrade salt from 2014.1.11 to 2014.7.5 on labs instances

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This has been done. Some instances were skipped, a full list follows.

  1. Instances that were shut off at the time:

Instance: i-000000fd Status: SHUTOFF hostname: mwreview-merl
Instance: i-0000016c Status: SHUTOFF hostname: basictestsugar
Instance: i-0000016f Status: SHUTOFF hostname: jitsu
Instance: i-00000171 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: labs-vmbuilder-precise
Instance: i-00000175 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: labs-vmbuilder-lucid
Instance: i-00000180 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: pirsquared-test
Instance: i-00000198 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: contributors-metrics
Instance: i-000001af Status: SHUTOFF hostname: gwtoolset
Instance: i-000001cf Status: SHUTOFF hostname: nginx-dev1
Instance: i-000001d6 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: openid-wiki
Instance: i-000001d7 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: openid-wiki2
Instance: i-00000232 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: pdbhandler-1
Instance: i-00000260 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: language-replag-master
Instance: i-00000261 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: language-replag-slave
Instance: i-00000262 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: language-replag-wiki
Instance: i-00000265 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: language-browsertests
Instance: i-00000267 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: language-testlink
Instance: i-0000029e Status: SHUTOFF hostname: parsoid-spof
Instance: i-000002b2 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: maps-warper
Instance: i-000003ab Status: SHUTOFF hostname: parsoid-square
Instance: i-0000065e Status: SHUTOFF hostname: phab-test
Instance: i-000006ce Status: SHUTOFF hostname: filippo-test-precise
Instance: i-000007d7 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: filippo-m3-c2
Instance: i-0000080a Status: SHUTOFF hostname: educationdashboard2
Instance: i-0000086a Status: SHUTOFF hostname: fab
Instance: i-00000952 Status: SHUTOFF hostname: educationdashboard-i18n

  1. Instances that are part of a mini-cluster running their own salt master

I won't list those, you know if you do this or not.
There is one exception; I did mistakenly upgrade services-deploy. Please contact me if that is an issue.

  1. Instances that were responsive to the virt 1000 salt master and did not get updated:

MySQL package issue {'i-000002b5.eqiad.wmflabs': '2014.1.11'}
python-requests package issue {'i-00000122.eqiad.wmflabs': '2014.1.11'}
Linux Headers package issue {'i-0000014b.eqiad.wmflabs': '2014.1.11'}
IO errors/fs errors {'i-000007a1.eqiad.wmflabs': '0.17.5'}

  1. Instances not responsive to salt-master and not upgraded:

MySql package issue: Instance: i-00000325 hostname: wikimetrics-dev1
denied ssh in (public key): Instance: i-000007c5 hostname: sol
denied ssh in (public key): Instance: i-00000b8d hostname: trusty-medium-1429649189
failed dns lookup for hostname: Instance: i-00000363 hostname: incident-test


Other instances that were not responsive to salt-master were upgraded manually via ssh. I did not try to determine why they could not communicate with the salt master. I guess ferm rules but the owners of the instances can check. Those were the following:

Instance: i-000000ee hostname: util-abogott
Instance: i-00000114 hostname: bastion3
Instance: i-00000585 hostname: language-dev
Instance: i-000007e7 hostname: moses1
Instance: i-000009b0 hostname: wmt-bastion
Instance: i-000009b1 hostname: wmt-exec
Instance: i-000009b2 hostname: wmt-apache
Instance: i-000009f6 hostname: bastion-restricted-pdns
Instance: i-00000a06 hostname: sentry-packaging
Instance: i-00000a50 hostname: bastion-pdns
Instance: i-00000c25 hostname: etcd01
Instance: i-00000c26 hostname: etcd02

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