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wrong ltr direction for rtl wikis
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After last update some text directs on rtl wikis goes wrong
1-history page for ltr page also is ltr! for example at
the page content is ltr but it's history shouldn't rtl
2-At edit view for these pages class=editOptions (save and preview buttons) should be at right!

see attached image

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This is a recent regression and it caused bad looking on MediaWiki image pages also.

For example on this page, obvious issues on the page are the image and text behind it and upload history rable should be right aligned but they are not.

It seems someone have changed language content handling of such special pages recently and that caused this bad regression on them

And the issue is not just the fact this is getting wrong RTL or LTR direction, for example if you open up commons on Germany language interface, for example this page, you see mw-content-text element have lang="en" language instead lang="de" and this is the same regression (because dir="" is also set at the same with lang="" attribute and on this regression, both went wrong)

Change 209980 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ebrahim):
Apply user lang on special pages

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I've locally patched commons and fawiki for this so we can delay this for one year even.

why no one don't care!

Sorry, this must have been overlooked. People do actually care; task T99258, which seems to be at least partially about the same issue, had a patch submitted this Friday. It should probably be backported.

Ebrahim claimed this task.

Dupe to T99258 even the fact this reported before and I CCd Catrope on this and also submitted a fix patch for this.

Change 209980 abandoned by Ebrahim:
Apply user interface language on files and non-view pages

In favor to I87dea50e00b0833f077418ac8581d909f0b77746