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Pasting external link to a local page converts to a link on save, but not on insertion
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. write text (e.g., "backlog")
  2. select text
  3. hit ctl-k
  4. paste in an internal link - e.g.,
  5. get switched to the "external link" "tab"*

Expected behavior:

  1. dialog realizes it is a link to the same wiki I'm already on, treats it as an internal link.
  • put tab in quotes because it looks like no other tab I've ever encountered; not sure what to call it.

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Can you reproduce this on beta cluster ( It seems to work the way you want there (save for the issue described in T93627).

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@LuisVilla – I think the point you're trying to get at here is that we do magically convert links to local pages, but we only do it on save, not on insertion/change. Is that right?

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James: yes. I wouldn't describe it as low priority, since it leaves a bad first impression on your users - they will assume it is broken and try to fix it (as I did), and may not notice when the "right" thing happens later. But I'm not familiar with your prioritization criteria.

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