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Change pipe redirect output to nick to character that isn't valid nick character
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[09:20] <T13|needsCoffee> !pingpetan
[09:20] * wm-bot pings petan as it was told. Master! Master! T13|needsCoffee requests your attention!
[09:20] <T13|needsCoffee> !newbug
[09:20] * wm-bot thinks you should report your bug to -->
[09:21] <T13|needsCoffee> Pipes make bad markers for redirecting output to a nick in IRC since it's a valid nick character...

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[09:53] <T13|needsCoffee> !tfoo is $1 is awesome
[09:53] <+wm-bot> Key was added
[09:53] <T13|needsCoffee> !tfoo T13|needsCoffee
[09:53] <+wm-bot> needsCoffee: T13 is awesome

Is a quick, thoughtless example of the current undesired behaviour. Expected response would be:
[09:53] <+wm-bot> T13|needsCoffee is awesome

problem with this ticket and reason why it's not closed after so long time, is simply that people are used to | as this symbol as it's UNIX standard for output redirect. Only solution would be to have multiple redirection symbols and in that case, bot wouldn't know which one is the proper one. :/

Petrb triaged this task as Lowest priority.Oct 19 2017, 6:25 PM

So I don't really see a simple way to close this.

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