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deployment-bastion.eqiad.wmflabs `/var/` keeps filling up
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The /var (size: 1.9GB) partition on deployment-bastion fills to 95% or so pretty much daily.

The largest factor in this is log files:

❯ sudo du -chs /var/log/* | sort -rh | head
813M    total
226M    /var/log/account
45M     /var/log/atop.log.4
45M     /var/log/atop.log.1
44M     /var/log/atop.log.9
44M     /var/log/atop.log.11
43M     /var/log/atop.log.7
39M     /var/log/atop.log.2
38M     /var/log/atop.log.6
34M     /var/log/atop.log.8

Account is currently handled by /etc/cron.daily/acct which uses savelog, which doesn't gzip the most recent logfiles in case something is writing to it. Gziping that one log file (/var/log/account/pacct.0) is generally enough to keep deployment-bastion happy, but there are probably other things that can be done here.

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Process accounting and /var being too small got filled as T91354: Process accounting routinely fill up /var on deployment-bastion already.

Yuvi provided new labs images that have a unified and larger root partition. So we will need to recreate deployment-bastion (apparently we can't resize).

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Closing as duplicate of T91354