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'' converted to ''<nowiki/>''
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In , a lost set of single quotes '' (inserted by a wikitext edit in November 2013) was converted to ''<nowiki/>''.

I'm not sure it's a bug, but I'm opening this to get a determination either way. Those quotes have existed for years in the article and they didn't cause any issues, so my feeling is that VE probably shouldn't change that status quo and should leave them alone, if that's possible.

Also, is there ever a good reason to keep empty styled nowikis?

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Possibly a Parsoid issue?

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Looking at that diff, it looks like there were a number of other cases of dirtying there .. <ref> quotes were normalized, etc. This quote issue is also the same -- an empty auto-inserted quote got normalized.

The real question here is what caused Parsoid to dirty the page at several places ... could be a transient RB issue. Before RB, it used to be the case that Varnish cache misses might have caused this. Or, it could be that DOMDiff was inaccurate in its diffing in the face of that many edits to top-level elements. But, at this time, I am speculating.

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Provisionally closing, because the RB issue hasn't recurred.

Also, is there ever a good reason to keep empty styled nowikis?

That should probably go behind the scrubWikitext flag.
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