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Activate OAuth Server Application in Phabricator for phragile login
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The OAuth Server Application has to be activated in Phabricator. Once activated Phragile needs to be registered as an OAuth application. There are two fields to fill out when creating a new OAuth application. "Name" should be "Phragile" and "Redirect URL" should be "http://our-phragile-domain/login" (we don't know yet what the domain will be but it can be changed later on anyway). This will generate an OAuth Client ID and an OAuth Client Secret which Phragile needs in order for the OAuth login mechanism to work.

See discussion in T90489

(we need this solved before the hackathon in Lyon) - thanks.

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I don't know if we really need help from SRE, I can probably set this up.

Though, it might make sense to make Security aware of this change.

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I ran this by @csteipp on irc and he didn't have any objections as long as we keep up on upstream security updates.

The client is set up at - it is editable by @Abraham and phabricator administrators.

@mmodell I don't seem to have edit rights on the Phragile OAuth client yet. Did something go wrong or do I just have to wait a bit?

@Jakob_WMDE: apologies, it seems the edit I made was not saved (for unknown reason, maybe an error on my part) but it should work now. Try it again and let me know? Thanks for your patience.