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Next Steps for Apps CI & VCS
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Meeting at the Hackathon Scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd at 13:00 in Workplace 3. Watch the official hackathon calendar and this page for updates.

Automate all the things!!

Let's talk about how to fulfill the following epics:

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I am definitely joining in for the CI part. I will need at least one more from our RelEng team to join in as well, will sort it out during our offsite next week. If we can get all reading people interested in CI to join in that would be very nice.

The Hackathon is unconference though some meetings are scheduled in advance. I have no idea about the current schedule though. Lets aim for 4-7 people for three hours?

@hashar sgtm! should we create a tentative google calendar event?

@BGerstle-WMF yeah a Calendar event would do I guess. You might want to pic a time that works well for the jet lagged US folks.

Can you reach out to the following people if they attend the hackathon?

  • @Legoktm - he has extensive knowledge of our CI infra and config
  • @JKatzWMF - reading product manager, we might want to have it baby sit the epic (no clue how reading is organized though)
  • maybe one of @bd808 or @Anomie , since as I understand it they provide infrastructure support for the rest of reading.

On Release-Engineering-Team side, we need to sort out who can be enrolled on the CI front. @mmodell is unfortunately not coming. I have poked the team about it and figure out attendees next week with Greg.

I think it would be better for this to be an engineering-focused meeting. As such, @JKatzWMF your participation should be optional, with the understanding that our goal is to increase dev productivity and maximize the amount of time we can spend on features (by reducing the time we spend maintaining our own CI infrastructure).

@bd808 and @Anomie, the focus here is on CI for native apps. You're welcome to attend, though I don't think you'll find it necessary as our concerns shouldn't really overlap in this area.

@hashar I'll send you, @Legoktm and @greg an invite along w/ some of the apps folks. Feel free to invite whoever you think is needed on your end.

Sold! Thanks a ton @BGerstle-WMF for the clarification.

Invites sent! Ping me if you want one.

Thanks for the invite, but my Lyon schedule is already packed and I'd rather not make any more commitments. I can definitely help out before/after though if there are concrete tasks that need work.

It is time to promote Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015 activities in the program (training sessions and meetings) and main wiki page (hacking projects and other ongoing activities). Follow the instructions, please. If you have questions, about this message, ask here.

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@dduvall and @zeljkofilipin will attend the meeting with me. A good introduction opportunity for other potential testing needs.

Here are my notes from the meeting:


  • Already integrated
  • Generates apk
  • Runs via gradle

Gradle Runs Currently

  • APK/Checkstyle
  • lint

TODO Gradle would be nice to run tests

  • Test Android Emulator Plugin OR Android Virtual Device Decide what works
  • Jenkins Job Builder for Android Emulator
  • T62720 - Android emulator plugin etunning 1
env. Matrix Plugin later?

  • APK and JSON Build artifact

niy to use the Jenkins Artifact system ubto integration

  • Stable vs Random android signing key for CI?
  • Explore use of crediential plugin/store
  • Blocked on apk signing


Slave already exists, does too much

Tests currently run on team iOS slaves

  • Never been rebooted
  • Deploys to alpha app store

CI Tasks

Testing Slave

  • XCode
  • No code signing
  • No resources on RelEng
  • TravisCI, XCloud, GitHub

TODO Evaluate 3rd Party iOS

  • Security
  • VCS Events (Postmerge)
  • Watch for stream events
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This is not solved, still need to:

  • list the actionables as tasks
  • get in sync with teams
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We are trying to help all open tasks listed under "Work continues after Lyon" at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 workboard finding their best way forward. * If you are participating in Wikimania, consider adding the #Wikimania-Hackathon-2015 project to get this task in that loop, which is about to start. * If you think this project could welcome help from a dedicated Google Summer of Code or Outreachy intern, or from an Individual Engagement Grant, add the Possible-Tech-Projects project. * If you would like to receive some other type of support (organizing a Tech Talk, establishing contacts with existing developer teams in Wikimedia or elsewhere, travel sponsorship for a related activity... you name it), please create a subtask explaining your request and associate it with Developer-Advocacy (or you can start by commenting here if you prefer). * Keeping the description, priority and assigned fields up to date always helps. :) For some context about this message, see T101151: Evaluate which projects showcased at the Wikimedia Hackathon should be supported further. It is the last communication related to Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015 that we will post here.

I believe this task is now resolved/obsolete, as the iOS team has been using GitHub/Travis CI for quite some time[1], and on Android we're talking with RelEng about moving to Differential next quarter.[2]

[2] T134505: [Differential] Update repo configuration to enable Differential