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Abuse Filter works on pre-automerged edit from Visual Editor
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On cswiki, AbuseFilter tagged an edit as “removing a marker template” but in fact, the template was added just a little while prior to the edit, and the user probably did not have it in the original source code. After the save, the edit conflict caused by the added template was (probably) automerged and the article was OK afterwards.

But AbuseFilter tagged the change, as it apparently saw the edit as “with template” -> “without template”, i.e. prior to the automerge. When you examine the edit now, ex post, you’ll see the edit differently, old_wikitext already includes the template, so removed_lines does not contain it.

The edit was made with VisualEditor, so I suspect it is involved in the problem.

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I wonder if this also happens in the wikitext editor; there's nothing I can think of in VE that would cause AF to behave differently.

Quoting from another bug, maybe dupe of (T73947: Edits via API (e.g. through VisualEditor) cause AbuseFilter to work on pre-automerged edit):

I found how to reproduce this bug, at least in some cases. If you edit a page with VisualEditor and an automatic merge happens when you submit (i.e. someone submits a change between the moment you click "edit" and the moment you press "submit"), then AbuseFilter sees the revision before the merge.

@Catrope/all: Maybe the code/API calls the AF hooks differently (I don't know the technology/code stack used by VE for saving a edit), but this seems to be a problem that is repeatedly reported in the context of VisualEditor and not for normal Editing...