Intermittent VisualEditor load failures
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Over the last several days, I've been getting sporadic instances (at least five) where I've successfully loaded the read version of a Wikipedia page, but clicking the "Edit" button (or adding the parameter veaction=edit to the URL) just produces the same effect as reloading the read version of a page, but with the proper edit URL.

When I inspect the page, there are a few indications that something different from the read view has been loaded (for example, there's an invisible <div class="ve-init-mw-viewPageTarget-progress">), but not many (for example, remains undefined).

Attached is a video of one of these session (warning: it's 47 MB!) on the production English Wikipedia.

Browser: Firefox 39.0a2

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I tried to reproduce this issue a few times in Chrome 44 with no luck, CCing Timo in case he has any ideas ( not getting defined, but some VE modules clearly loaded, and nothing in console?)

@Krenair, @Krinkle, just in case you didn't see it in the task description: I still have the Claude Monet tab open, and it's still displaying the same behavior when I refresh the page. (However, when I load the same page in a new tab, it loads fine). Let me know if there's anything I can do to give you more data. We can do a Google Hangout and I can screenshare if that would help.

@Krenair: I was able to reproduce it with Firefox only. It happens in master too.

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As this has "Unbreak now" priority and no updates for more than two weeks, is that still a realistic priority?
If so, please set an assignee for this task (or adjust the priority). Thank you!

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I just got a big rash of these in 41.0a2, on both enwiki and eswiki.

I just got a big rash of these in 41.0a2, on both enwiki and eswiki.

@Neil_P._Quinn_WMF: Still an issue? Or has this magically vanished?

@Aklapper: Nothing since I posted that comment. It might recur since I've found it to be very intermittent, but we could close it and reopen if necessary.

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Judging by the lack of activity in the past two years, I'm guessing this was fixed somehow.

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