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[mid] Article recommendation for Content Translation
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The Content Translation team wants to experiment with recommending articles to users for translation. We will provide a ranked list of articles to recommend to the team.

The task is documented:

Trello card: BNf0xY6P

  • column: Staged (ready to execute)
  • due: 2015-03-25T19:00:00.000Z
  • labels: Product and Engineering (yellow)

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Comments from Leila in Trello...copying in here:

  1. We have the list of missing article pairs ready. Next step is to prioritize the list and find the editors who are interested to edit each article to clsoe the loop on the recommendation system.
  1. we have the set of missing articles for language pairs ready. I'll be meeting with the language team on 2015-03-01 and plan next steps.

@leila shall we archive this? It's been obsoleted by the latest development (the stand-alone labs app and the test).

@DarTar, we should kill this. T99040 is a Trello pointer to T87439 which doesn't make sense post Phab transition.