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Italian Wikipedia (itwiki) experiment analysis
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Some members of the itwiki community have decided to test mobile anonymous editing on Italian Wikipedia for 2 months (November-December 2014).

They haven't really thought about how they're going to evaluate this test at all. Nothing immediately actionable here, but it's worth monitoring.



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Copying in comments from Trello:

  1. Halfak 2015-04-09:

There's renewed interest in updating this analysis because of the rollout of anon editing on all wikis.

  1. Maryana 2015-01-06:

Awesome – thanks, @Halfak! I wonder what the quality of these contribs is... not a huge priority, but if you get bored and wanna look into revert rates in your spare time, it would be super fascinating :)

  1. Halfak 2015-01-05:

Updated my analysis here:

Looks like we're still seeing substantial growth in mobile anonymous editing. It looks like a recent change reducing the number of clicks separating an anon from the edit pane may be to blame for recent growth.

  1. Halfak 2014-11-18:

Preliminary analysis here:

  1. Maryana 2014-11-04:

As I said, it's not currently actionable. Just putting it here as a reminder; not sure what else to do to keep it on our radar.

  1. Toby 2014-11-03:

@DarTar @maryanapinchuk I'm not sure about the significance of this card. It's very low on the priority list -- how much do we care?

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