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Wikidata page shows "Lua error: not enough memory"
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This page:
shows Lua out of memory errors in the section starting with the anchor part of the URL above.

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I took a look at the lua module that is ultimately used here.

It uses mw.wikibase.getEntityObject to load the entire entity and then get just the label, afaik in just the content language of Wikidata. In this case, we are also dealing with access to arbitrary items, which is expensive. That means there is a limit on the number of entities we can load per page.

It would be better if the module used the mw.wikibase.label convenience when possible. It uses a term lookup (wb_terms table) to get individual labels without loading the entire entity, so is less expensive and can be done more times on a page.

in, using a copy of the module,, I tried the following code and (although somewhat ugly) it seems to work better including in other languages than English.

function p._getLabel(entity, lang, default)
	local label
	if lang == defaultlang then
		label = mw.wikibase.label(entity)
		if not label then
			return defaultlabel(entity, lang, default)
		return label
	if not entity then
		return nil
	if type(entity) ~= 'table' then
		entity = p.getEntity(entity)
	if (not entity) or (not entity.labels) then
		return entity--defaultlabel(entity, lang, default)
	for i, lg in pairs(fb.fblist(lang or defaultlang)) do
		if entity.labels[lg] then
			return entity.labels[lg].value
	return defaultlabel(entity, lang, default)

if mw.wikibase.label() also took a 'lang' param, then perhaps it could always and be the only thing used in p._getLabel

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Thanks for the report. This needs to be fixed on-wiki in the Lua module.

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