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New server for labs dns recursor
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In order to implement something akin to split-horizon (T95288) I need to set up a separate recursor and auth DNS server for the new designate/pdns/mysql setup. The simplest way to do this is with separate hardware due to resolv.conf not being able to specify a port number.

Eventually we'll want doubles for everything, but one is a good start. It should probably live in the labs-support vlan if there's room.

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Hold off on this; Mark thinks we can do this in place on the existing server.

ok, I am back to thinking this is the right way forward. So, Rob, over to you.

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So PowerDNS supports multiple instances I think. Wouldn't this be easy to do on a separate IP? From a resources perspective, it doesn't need another full server at all...

that's probably fine, I will try.

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Since this is now goign to be a test with a second IP, I'm pulling the hardware-requests project for now. If this goes back to needing new metal, just re-append it back on.

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Done in place, no problems.