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Create a generic "Release" tag in Phabricator
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Name: "Release"
Description: "identifies a task as a release"
Type of project "Release"

Creating a new project for every release is ok, but sometimes feels like more than we need. Especially for minor releases. Also only those with privileges can create new release tickets, so this burden falls on the same people each release.

It would be nice to have a "Release" tag, that is just like the "Epic" and "Bug" tags… it just identifies the type of task that the ticket is. Then we can take a more ad hoc / agile approach to our releases.

This might also encourage more people to tag releases.

Thanks for reading!

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Could you elaborate which existing problem you would like to solve?
Why is it currently insufficient to create a task "Release KitchenSink 9.87.6 tarball" and associate it to your software or team project?

CC'ing Team-Practices as I wonder if other teams face similar issues.

(Note that we have a release type 'project' but that's of course not the same.)

just like the "Epic" and "Bug" tags [...]
This might also encourage more people to tag releases.

Could you elaborate what you mean by "tagging releases" and where?
Note that the "Epic" tag is already not applied consistently, so adding more projects and tags does not necessarily come along with acceptance. And the "Bug" tag is archived and has never been used...

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@Aklapper We would like a tag to identify a task which represents a Release. (The same as we would use an "Epic" tag to identify an Epic)

However, we don't want / need to a new tag for each release. We only use a task to track a release. (We also don't want the administrative overhead of creating a new tag/project for each bi-weekly release)

For example, we would like to add a "Release" tag to this task:

Does this make sense?

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Given the proposed use of the term "Release" adding RelEng so that they can wait in.

No objections from me.

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Requested project Release has been created:


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Heh, yeah, no objections from me, either thankfully :)

Great - thanks!

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