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Provide access to limbo messages without knowing keys
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Track a list of active limbo messages. We want to access this list as both a key-value store indexed by correlation-id, and a FIFO queue ordered by date.

This needs to be deployed before switching the slayer to read from memcache, so that data is available.

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Looking good! Couple of issues in . Side note - I tried configuring the predis backend with an array of servers and it told me the multi / exec transaction wasn't supported across an aggregated connection. Will try to get to the bottom of that, since part of the goal is to make the queue server not an SPOF.

Change 215856 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
Implement IndexedFifoQueue for Predis

Please review in Gerrit, now... Thanks!

Change 215856 merged by Ejegg:
Implement IndexedFifoQueue for Predis

This code has been written. Track further work in new issues.