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[Epic] Wikimedia dark traffic
Closed, DeclinedPublic


  • Write proposal / background research
  • Implement config option
  • Clear with Security
  • Clear with Legal
  • Preliminary community discussion via CL
  • Heads up to Comms
  • Define rollout timeline with Comms
  • Coordinate with external partners T126674
  • Release T87276
  • Monitor any inbound traffic changes on partners' end
  • Write up report T129407

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comments from Trello:

2015-01-20 DarTar:
moved to the research namespace: and posted proposal to the lists. Also opened a phab task:

Discussion currently happening here:

2014-12-19 DarTar:
Feedback obtained, ready to be implemented.

2014-12-10 DarTar:
proposal posted and circulated with Legal / Tech. Waiting for feedback.

I just got a push from Joe @ CrossRef about this. How close are we to being able to make this change?

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Had a meeting with @Sadads and @Rdicerb planning for the rollout of T87276 in Q3.

Started a preliminary discussion with Ops on the timeline of a possible rollout.

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The rollout is slated for Tuesday 2/22 (T87276).

The change went live as planned on Monday 2/22, with a patch setting the meta referrer to the correct value, it will take up to 30 days to propagate.

Note that on T87276 there is a report that WebKit isnt working, so that will mean a decent subset of the dark traffic doesnt light up after this change.

Hi @Rich_Farmbrough we see the conversation, are going to consult with our legal team which supports the privacy conversations and get back to you sometime next week.

I'm declining this task as I don't see immediate work scheduled on this front. If you disagree, please reopen and update the list of folks that should be involved.