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Create LanguageTool project
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Project name: LanguageTool extension for VisualEditor
Description: Add language proofing support to VisualEditor (See T89107 and T93752)

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@Ankita-ks: Hi, why is the Project-Admins project assigned here? If you really want a Phabricator project with a workboard (if a task with blocking (sub-)tasks is not sufficient for managing the work on this and if this work is distinct from any existing projects), please see the wiki for required information. Thanks!

@Ankita_ks, you can "Edit Task" here and make a request like T98444 (another GSoC student requesting a new Phabricator project).

@Ankita_ks, if you still have questions about how to request a new Phabricator project, please ask. Have you talked with your mentors about this? They should be able to help you. Actually it is pretty simple, but when it's the first time it might look more complicated.

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Done: VisualEditor-LanguageTool

I'm not sure whether there is a naming schema for VisualEditor plugins, but this is something that can be modified. For now you have this project created, so you can check the box in your community bonding period evaluation, and you can kick your project with more tasks.