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Implement query_string_plus_plus_plus query parsing
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To replace query_string you need to re-implement its core query language parser and lucene query generation code. This task is to do just that. Plus any extensions we implement on the cirrus side like regex queries, specialized field queries.

Note that we don't expect to be perfect on the first pass: the goal of this task is to get far enough the we plausibly believe we can start integrating it with

See parent task for benefits and stakeholders.
Estimate: Weeks.

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@Manybubbles Please add some more context and information to this task. It's fairly incomprehensible right now, which makes it hard to prioritise.

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Replaced the description. For reference this is mostly done except for regex queries which I'm working on now and some hardening around random roll you face on the keyboard style queries.

Its an integral part of its parent task - really the first part.

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@Deskana: Not clear to me why @Manybubbles moved this to "done".

@Deskana: Not clear to me why @Manybubbles moved this to "done".

Indeed. Let's bump this to the backlog then.

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Changing priority here to reflect reality.

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this will happen in cirrus, not as an elasticsearch plugin