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[Migrated] When the bot stops when saving a page and then restarts, a saved page is considered skipped in the "Logs" tab
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@Automatik 20:33, 31 March 2014 (UTC) wrote:

Hi. I just noticed that, in bot mode, with a delay of 0 seconds, if I click on the Stop button whereas the bot is about to save a page, it actually stops the activity of bot, but when I click on Start again, I see the page that is actually saved in the "Skipped" pages, in the logs, instead of in the "Succesfully saved" pages. See a screenshot [above], and the page actually saved here, or this other example (the log shows this page too).

Site: fr.wiktionary
OS: Windows 7
.NET: 2.0.50727.5477
Workaround: As you can see for the second example (the page ''acipar''), the time shown in the history for the registration of the page is earlier than the time reported in the log of skipped pages. It is possible that, whereas the registration takes place, adding the page in the log of successfully saved pages doesn't occur, then, once restarted, the program does not know we saved the page and so on puts the page in the log of skipped pages.

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@Rjwilmsi 11:27, 24 April 2014 (UTC) wrote:

@Automatik: As saving a page takes time if you (or AWB automatically when in bot mode) sends the save request to the API, then before the API has replied to confirm the edit has been completed, you press Stop in AWB, then a bit later you process the page again in AWB, the edit will probably have saved in the meantime. So then depending on your skip criteria the page is now skipped and in AWB it looks like you never made the edit. So what do you expect AWB to do here?

@Automatik 22:07, 24 April 2014 (UTC) wrote:

Maybe it is possible to receive responses from the API to process them even when the bot is stopped while prohibiting requests (for saving) to the API.

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