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Version extension.json schema
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During the last RfC meeting, Ori suggested that we version the extension.json schema (located at docs/extension.schema.json).

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[17:57:08] <ori> legoktm: I'm not sure there is much to go by except existing examples. The spec does not appear to provide guidance on versioning schema. Google Chrome extensions use the "manifest_version" property, which seems like as good a name as any:
[17:59:38] <legoktm> ori: hmm. so we would just have each extension.json file add "manifest_version": 1 (or something), and if we make a breaking change, we would do a conditional on that?
[18:00:35] <ori> yes
[18:01:34] <ori> and you could, for example, have a lifetime support / deprecation policy for manifest_version -- so perhaps once manifest_version: 2 is out, manifest_version: 1 is considered deprecated (but supported) for N releases and then finally dropped

Change 212239 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
[WIP] registration: Require a 'manifest_version' to be in extension.json

Change 212239 merged by jenkins-bot:
registration: Version the extension.json schema

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