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[Migrated] FixReferenceTags: remove nowiki; encode titles
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If the title and url parameters in a citation template are defined, then the title is linked. If the title contains certain characters, then the link is broken and the display is malformed. The standard fix is to encode the offending characters in the title field, however some editors have been wrapping the value in <nowiki>. While the visual rendering is fine, the metadata in the COinS output is mangled, with the strip markers exposed; see Help:Strip markers for details.

We need to remove <nowiki> tags and encode characters in the title and chapter fields.

  • remove <nowiki> and </nowiki>
  • change newline to space
  • change [ to &#91;
  • change ] to &#93;
  • change &#124; to &#124;

:This needs clarification. Is it requested to remove "encode[d] characters" (as well as "nowiki" constructs)? Or is that certain characters (e.g., square brackets) should be represented by their codes ("&#91;")? ~ J. Johnson 21:57, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

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