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[Migrated] Allow creating lists based on external web pages
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Not infrequently, I use a toolserver tool to create a list of all pages where certain edits would probably be needed using AWB (category names by patern using this tool, category scans using this tool), where creating the list inside AWB is either impossible (such as my first example) or difficult (the second example - I still would need to filter out all non-mainspace, for example, but that would be simple AWB filtering). I think that we should be able to make a list from all incoming links from an external web page, given by URL. That would make these tasks much easier. @Od Mishehu 10:38, 5 September 2011 (UTC)

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I migrated this change over but it refers to the Toolserver so it it may be overcome by events unless it also applies to the WMFLabs servers.

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We now have an "HTML scraper" list making option which allows links from an external web page to be fetched, covers this request.