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[Migrated] Append guidelines/policies to edit summary
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Hi! I have set up various find/replace rules. One of them is to look for instances of "passed away" and change these (with my oversight) to "died", per What would be useful is if there was another field in the Find & Replace window where I could add "per" or any other comment like "straight quotes preferred", but to have these notes ''appended'' to the edit summary, so that I can better communicate my rationale. (I thought that was the purpose of the comment parameter, but it doesn't append.) Obviously the edit summary field is limited, so we wouldn't need multiple mentions of the same policy. Such an edit summary might look like:
:Clean up, replaced: “ → " (18), ” → " (19), ’ → ' (34), ‘ → ' (3) straight quotes preferred. passed away → died, made love → had sex per, typo(s) fixed: forthe → for the using AWB
Thanks for reading my request, and thank you for your hard work on this awesome tool! @Cyphoidbomb 17:31, 20 March 2014 (UTC)